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        Anime shop sydney >> shopping process

Shopping Process


1. Register free membership


a: sign up on your left hand side of the homepage


b: fill out the register form


c. complete and log in


2. Choose goods


a. If you are only buying 1 item, press the buy now button and you will be directed to the checkout.


b. if you are buying multiple items, simply press continue button to shop, until you choose all you want. Double check your shopping cart, that you have picked the right items and press checkout. If you want multiples of the same items, change the quantity and press modify.


c. Also we have a favorite button, which can save your favorite items there and then you can just press the favorite button when you want to see your favorites,


3. Complete your shipping information and choose shipping type.

Double check your details and press OK! Next


4. Double check your purchased items and order information. Also you can leave a message in the memo box, then press complete.


5. Now you will have received your order number. If you choose paying with PayPal, you can simply press the PayPal button. If you have multiples of order, you want to check your order status before you pay, simply press my order, you can delete your order or pay your order on this page.

Please send the confirm email to


6.Pay your order,we will ship your orders by next working day after we receive your payment and receive email on the order update.


7. Wait for the item to deliver to your address, which you submitted. When you receive package, should as far as possible to check whether the packing parcels seriously damaged, and opened the parcel, counting the number of goods. If goods in package with your order goods should be rejected and obviously not to contact us.


You can download the word file , it will tell you very detailed instructions about the shopping process. Step by Step with images. shopping process.doc







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